sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

colagens do caminho

Sometimes we want more than can be to each other,
I feel no echo time,
and the day we need to discuss something really important?
Will yell at me until I run out? Or will be hitting the whole house?
Did you ever wondered if that's what you want?
That will be interested in these things?

"What is the difference between here and the future?
Because everything will be different? "
Is only to be beautiful because it is not reality,
tired of being the annoying person in the relationship,
that is disappointed that the charges and calls to talk,
is not good to feel afraid of who you love, baby!
It and the days pass,
i'm not going to work.

Everything is long gone,
we can only keep moving,
together ourselves.

Is easy to talk alone,
The hard part is listening here,
know that there are long gone,
i have read this in several places.

Everything is long gone,
we can only keep moving,
of ourselves together

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